Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Skeleton of a Post

I plan on developing this post later but for now here's the framework of a series of thoughts on why I believe the standards for Film are absolute:

1. I believe that Film is an Art form.

2. I believe that the purpose of Art is to point toward Truth.

3. I believe that Truth is absolute (whether relatively or absolutely so).

Thus I believe that the standards for Film are absolute.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out.
Are you sure that all film is an art form?

midnitcafe said...

Definitely flesh this out.

I would first ask what are the standards of film? I would then reask if all film is art. Then I would note number 2 states that Art points towards Truth, but does not always hit its mark. Thus it may point towards darkness.

blackbeltkat said...

I would agree. Movies are an art form and art is supposed to point to absolute truth, but sometimes it doesn't so that must be taken into account. So, what you say is mostly true. . .or at least thats what I believe

Queen of Arts and England said...

A.E.P., I don't think all film is art, only those that,like he said, point to truth.Some film is just a 'freedom of speech' gone wacko!
Sir Knight, I totally agree.

eucharisto said...

I think that a lot of people say 'this is art', and 'this isn't art'. My thinking on the matter is that a lot of things could be a form of art, but if you hold it to a Christian standard, it doesn't meet up to very good expectations. Thats why we as Christians should be extra creative and give special meaning and quality to whatever we do in art. Because we have to shine out in excellence. More on this later, when I'm more awake (almost 12:30 here).
BTW, A.E.P.; I think you should get a blog, so you don't have to keep posting anonomously.

penny lane said...

amen, brother,amen! Joel you rock!

Foolish Knight said...

I'd love to respond to all of your comments but for now I'll just welcome the "kat" and say it's very good to get back in touch with you! I'm sure Joel has told you who I am.

midnitcafe said...

So when are you going to give us a full post on this thought?

Foolish Knight said...

Right. Uh, just as soon as I get over my fear of being wrong. [smiley face]