Saturday, January 08, 2005

In a day's work.

Originally uploaded by Foolishknight.
Yep, that's me. On the left. Does it say anything about me that I draw Dragons better than Knights? (I'm not saying that either is very good.)


eucharisto said...

That's so cool! I'd love to see more drawings!!

JD said...

So cool! What did you draw it with? Was it on the computer or on paper?

Anna E. M. said...

yeah right you draw better than i do! that is really cool! looks like charcoal.

Anonymous said...

O Foolish Knight,I don't want you to leave. You have become so dear to me. I wish that I could move out their with you.Well Have a blessed life. Be safe, and my love.

Queen of Arts and England said...

Sir Knight,
Very excellent drawing! But do tell us the ending: Why are you fighting the vicious dragon? Does it all end well? I sincerely hope so, and I think both you and your wicked foe are great!Maybe I should institute a royal academy for her majesty's royal friends who are artists!Cheerio!
The Queen

Foolish Knight said...

Thank you, one and all for your kind remarks. (By the by, if you want to see the picture bigger you can click on the post's title.) Now the specifics:

To Joel; you would see more if I had a scanner.

To JD and Coffee Latte girl; It's not charcoal, it was just pencil (colored and standard) until I scanned it into the computer and I did what I pleased. You know how that happens.

To Anonymous; Thank you and similar sentiments to you as well.

To Queen of Arts and England; You ask why I fight the dragon? Isn't that what knights are supposed to do, foolish or otherwise? As for whether or not it ends well, I'll get back to you on that. (Also, I'd be very eager to join the academy in question, if it were to come into existence)

Queen of Arts and England said...

It should come into exsistence! I HAVE SPOKEN! Thanks for fighting the nasty, but cool looking creature, on behalf of maidens everywhere!

Lukolas said...

I would say, "be excellent to each other" (Bill and Ted's excellent adventure), but it has nothing to do with your amazing drawing, which I think is excellent, dude! I think you should write a book with your excellent imagination.
Be excellent to each other,

Superman said...

ahhh i feal sooo lucky to have actully seen the orignal!