Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Hiatus Bug Strikes!

Just letting you all know that I'm going to cease my blogging activities for a little while and don't plan on resuming until after Christmas at least. However, keep sending your list of favorite movies, and (because I know someone will ask) I will be counting The Lord of the Rings trilogy as three separate films.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oi! I've been tagged!

Eucharisto would like to know 25 things I would like to do before I die. Here are the 25 that came to mind.

1. Make great films. Perhaps even for a living, or as a calling.
2. Write an amazing book with little or no effort.
3. Meet Bono.
4. Learn how to speak Slovak fluently (beyond such impressive phrases as "Please pass the apple juice." and "I'm sorry. I speak very little Slovak."). Or French. It would be cool to speak French.
5. Collaborate with Sufjan Stevens on something.
6. Marry a beautiful woman (of God's choosing), and be an amazing husband.
7. Have amazing kids (at least one girl, please!) and be an amazing father.
8. Do amazing voice-over work for an amazing animated movie. Even if just once.
9. Love God as he deserves.
10. Make a highly successful screen adaptation of The Man Who Was Thursday that G. K. Chesterton would love.
11. Learn to sing.
12. Learn to draw really, really well.
13. Learn to paint.
14. Write a children's book (I mean - borrowing from Jack - the kind of book that I would have like to have read when I was a child).
15. Tour the Europe I don't know very well (preferably with one or two really good friends).
16. Revisit the Europe that I do know well.
17. Write at least one half-way decent movie review of a great film.
18. Learn how to dance. No, really, I'm more serious than Eucharisto was.
19. Run around some really colorful rain forest somewhere.
20. Inspire people towards their relationship in Christ.
21. Learn to cook.
22. Learn to sew.
23. Direct my friends in great films.
24. Provide for my family.
25. Learn how to really, honestly love.


Oh yeah! I forgot to tag people. Umm... I tag
The Queen of Arts and England
Eriol (because he's conservative at heart)
JD (because he was the first to comment)