Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great White Sharks Are Huge! This is a fantastic video!

Planet Earth rocks my world.

To Do

▪ email Randy
▪ communicate with the phobester about coming up on the 9th of May to use the duper to make 70 copies of the Mother's Day video to hand out to moms on Mother's Day
▪ put this to do list on the web so as to share my life with my loyal blog readers
▪ Give a shout out to pastor Jelani who I met at the amazing Cajun dinner his dad's church put on for us WorldView-ians!
▪ vacuum lounge
▪ I did the laundry! yes!
▪ email Aron about the fact that there are no changes to the baseball schedule.
▪ look at Timber's schedule and see if we want to work any of those games.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Satan attacks transitions.

What do you think of that? Do you think that's true? It's a thought that's been rolling around in my head recently, but I have absolutely no biblical backup for it. But it seems true to me. Plus I read an article recently about "the joint" (in architecture), and how holy it is. Which, something holy would be something Satan would attack. I need to read the article again (or, actually all the way through).