Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grateful Tuesdays


Thank you.

Thank you that I looked up in time to see the river.

Thank you for Lev Grossman and his friends (and enemies).

Thank you for the ring on my hand.

Thank you for the walk, all the walks, that things are tight and for the short wait for the bus.

Thank you for the leaves. For green.

Thank you for the free ticket.

Thank you for the book.

Thank you for the biting, chafing, searing beauty of faith. Thank you for the man who pointed it out to me.

Thank you for everything that man has taught me. For how overwhelmingly good things have been. And that everything will be okay. And that even if it isn't, it's okay.

Thank you for the prison break you are launching in my heart. It has been so slow, but why is it happening at all?

Thank you for my friend. That she makes me better. And feeds my heart. And holds my hand. I am lost in her, and she is lost in me.

Thank you for the people (person?) reading this.

You prepare a table before me. In the presence of my enemies.