Thursday, April 27, 2006

Installment Twenty Five...

"A saint is somone who exaggerates what the world neglects."

-G. K. Chesterton

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Speak Now...

I'm plan to make my blog rounds on Saturday; leave a comment on this post if you think I should visit your blog (and you might let me know what you've been up to recently, if you think about it).

See ya Saturday! ("Ya" is a weird word too; I'm ashamed to have used it.)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fascinating News Items And Grammar Bits!

Now that I feel bad for having run you guys through the ringer a little bit with that April Fools prank (Midsummer tells me that, on judgment day, I'll have to answer for the part about wanting you guys to pray for me), I guess it's time for a real update. (Update is a funny word, by the way; it hasn't been around for very long. It was invented, I believe, by businessmen. A dry word, I think.)

Anyway, starting with old news, I have gotten a short haircut. It's been about a month, I think, so it's not so short now, but I plan on keeping it short throughout the summer because it's so convenient (and at camp, convenience is essential).

Which brings me to my next "update" (again, funny word): I've been accepted as a counselor at Trout Creek Bible camp, and I'll be working there from June 8th to August 26th, then there's a weekend retreat, so camp really ends on the 29th. Hooray for weekend retreats, woo hoo! ("Woo hoo" is also a funny phrase, and one that I plan on using a lot this summer. [Keep in mind also, that there is no such phrase as "alot", in fact I planned on using the nonexistent word at the beginning of the second sentence of my April Fools post, just to tip you guys off, but I settled for using two exclamation marks on the end of the first sentence instead - which really, if you ask me, should have been enough of a hint for you guys.])

In other news (which is, by the way, probably the laziest transition phrase ever) today I got to help out with childcare for Mom's Club at church, which, since there are plenty of kids but only ever a few boys, means that there were lots of little pink

(Hey! Because I got bored writing this post, I went to the Looking Closer Journal and found this witty piece about the future of television. Joss Whedon is a funny man.)

people running around, and it also means that I had the chance to truly express myself through the unfortunately under-appreciated category of "pink crayon" art, the results of which can be seen here.

Okay, one last news item: I have started a new blog, what's more, I believe that its justified even! Take a look.