Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I feel so conflicted right now. Ungrateful. But not all the way. A little happy still. But I could be happier.

That's why I'm here, so I'll stop dancing. Cause I can do that all day, and I'm actually already tired of it.

That movie! I didn't know! I had heard about how good it was, but I didn't know. Thank you, Papa. That was a gift - as well as the time to watch it.

That girl. I worry a lot about her, don't I? Oh yeah, we resolved that thing yesterday. That was eye-opening. And beautiful. Thank you for how unusual that was. Thank you for the resolution and for her. The gentle beauty she brings into my life.

For the shoot last night! It fun to have created that clip. Fun to be behind the camera again. Fun to have it *look* good. Also so good to have Jeremy take over in the end.

I love you. I'm saying right now, cause I see there's more than one me, and I get to choose which one I'm giving voice to. I love you, and I'm so, so, so deeply grateful.

Thank you for all of this. Thank you.