Saturday, January 12, 2013

Notes From a Country Called Fear

In Fear Country, you:
  • don't decide.
  • Don't choose at all. In any form.
  • Don't choose a belief system. Don't choose a God.
  • Don't offer thanks. If you thank somebody for something that's a form of choosing: You are embracing that one thing over another thing.
  • Don't move forward. To choose one path is to deny all other paths. And who knows if those other paths were the ones you were really supposed to choose?
  • Don't stop looking over your shoulder. The blow might fall any minute. Best to always keep one eye open.
  • Of course, the idea of living a choice-less life is a false one: Every moment is a fork in the road (try not to think about that). This is where your god will come in, whichever, whoever it may be. Tarot cards, fortune cookies, or Jehovah-Jireh, they all serve the same purpose in Fear Country: Someone to whom you may reliably pass the buck.