Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Out With the New, In With the Old.

I shall be creating no new posts in the month of February, except for this post, of course.

You are, at this moment, I know, wondering what in the world provoked me to take this rather extreme step. So I tell you, I do this thing for three reasons mainly:

1. I have much fleshing out of posts to do (now, before you go into hysterics, notice that the careful phrasing of my opening sentence allows for as much bloomin' editing of earlier posts as I very well please, thank you).

2. I have much school-work to do and, for some reason, new posts always seem to take priority over this task, so it'll be nice to have this temptation out of the way.

3. Lastly; we've just started settling in our house here and there are A PLETHORA of jobs to do around the house so, once again, a temptation is being removed.

I have only a few parting words: READ THE ARCHIVES! They are meant to be read AND CRITICIZED over and over again. Tis true.

Well, see you there. Bye!