Monday, July 12, 2010

Films That Seep

Ramin Bahrani:
“Film is really 24 frames a second in the present, and I realize when you leave certain gaps, it allows space for the viewer to enter the film. That requires a viewer who wants to be engaged, who wants to have an emotional connection to a film, which should not be confused with films that elicit emotions like weeping and whatnot. You watch a certain movie, and the director puts you in a headlock through ways of dramaturgy, music, camera moves and excessive acting. It hits certain synapses in your brain and makes you cry, then you leave, and the next day you’re having a hamburger and you don’t really remember what the film was. Despite that those are the kinds of films that get lots of accolades and attention, it doesn’t attract me as a person nor as an artist. I’m more interested in the ones — because of your participation — [that] seep into you, and two months later, are still a part of you. I don’t know if I’ve accomplished this, but it’s what I’m striving for.”
Me too. (Found here.)

I'm famous!

I mentioned my friend Tim's blog. Well, guess who's on the header right now?

Those shoes are from Banana Republic. There were on sale, bought with Christmas money from my grandparents and are my favorite pair.

Roll Over, Don

Donald Miller's dog, Lucy, has taken over Don's blog for a bit.

Her first post is about the beginning of her life and how she met Don. It contains this tidbit:

"You can never really believe pain. It’s almost always something beautiful transitioning to something better, the whole time masquerading as a tragedy."
Good thoughts. Good dog.