Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fascinating News Items And Grammar Bits!

Now that I feel bad for having run you guys through the ringer a little bit with that April Fools prank (Midsummer tells me that, on judgment day, I'll have to answer for the part about wanting you guys to pray for me), I guess it's time for a real update. (Update is a funny word, by the way; it hasn't been around for very long. It was invented, I believe, by businessmen. A dry word, I think.)

Anyway, starting with old news, I have gotten a short haircut. It's been about a month, I think, so it's not so short now, but I plan on keeping it short throughout the summer because it's so convenient (and at camp, convenience is essential).

Which brings me to my next "update" (again, funny word): I've been accepted as a counselor at Trout Creek Bible camp, and I'll be working there from June 8th to August 26th, then there's a weekend retreat, so camp really ends on the 29th. Hooray for weekend retreats, woo hoo! ("Woo hoo" is also a funny phrase, and one that I plan on using a lot this summer. [Keep in mind also, that there is no such phrase as "alot", in fact I planned on using the nonexistent word at the beginning of the second sentence of my April Fools post, just to tip you guys off, but I settled for using two exclamation marks on the end of the first sentence instead - which really, if you ask me, should have been enough of a hint for you guys.])

In other news (which is, by the way, probably the laziest transition phrase ever) today I got to help out with childcare for Mom's Club at church, which, since there are plenty of kids but only ever a few boys, means that there were lots of little pink

(Hey! Because I got bored writing this post, I went to the Looking Closer Journal and found this witty piece about the future of television. Joss Whedon is a funny man.)

people running around, and it also means that I had the chance to truly express myself through the unfortunately under-appreciated category of "pink crayon" art, the results of which can be seen here.

Okay, one last news item: I have started a new blog, what's more, I believe that its justified even! Take a look.


eucharisto said...

I'm so excited about your blog I can barely wait to see your next post. I already left a jumble of unorganized and messy thoughts in the comment box. Check em' out!

eucharisto said...

Oh yeah. thought you might want to know. If you'd used three exlamation marks, it would have been a dead giveaway, but two, you got me!

Katie said...

Joss Whedon is my new favorite. Funny man. Oh and I'm watching Serenity RIGHT NOW! I knew you'd want to know that.

Queen of Arts and England said...

I daresay that you are deserving of some form of humiliating public punishment, but since we have not a blogger town square, you get off easy on this one! (Smile)

Of course it's funny now.

penny lane said...

You're so funny :) You make my day!