Tuesday, January 11, 2005

OK, this time I MEAN it!

No more internet for our family till we get settled in our new house - starting midnight tonight. Unless, of course, some passing stranger happens to have pity on us and lets us use his laptop that just happens to have a wireless internet connection or something like that. Yeah.

Anyway feel very free to review the contents of my archives, the stuff I write is meant to be read over and over again - though I am the first to admit that it does not hold up well, please read anyway (and feel free to criticize anything you find that doesn't hold up well - you folks keep me accountable bloggerwise, thank you).

Well, see you later and good knight! (sorry, bad pun)


penny lane said...

nnnnnnnooooo! well, I'll be up past midnight baking cookies for tommorrow so o.k

Anonymous said...

From: MattTheMusician

So, it this where I can write to you?

Foolish Knight said...

Welcome Mat! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Yeah I'm afraid this is going to have to do for now communication-wise, sorry! But anyway, again welcome!