Friday, January 21, 2005

New faces, new places

Announcing the birth of two weblogs:

silent shrouds


Midsummer Dreams.

Blogs are a dime a dozen, so why do I note these two in particular?

Because shrouds' Eriol is my brother and Midsummer my sister. They are both very creative people and I look forward to seeing what will come of this new enterprise. I guess we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Shrouds and Midsummer: I can't tell you how nice it is just to be able to read what you post. I don't have a blog so I'm anonymous, which means I can't comment on your blogs. Love you all...Wide Turn Boy too!HEE HEE. Keep it comim'. QueenMum.

penny lane said...

sweet monkeys and great jahosaphate! I'm going there right now .... thanks knight...and good morning

Lukolas said...

I geuss we will see.

Lukolas said...

Sorry about my spelling error. I take these things very seriously. Along with grammar.

Princess of Mirkwood said...

Thank you, Foolish Knight!

eucharisto said...

Glad to see they've made the plunge.
BTW, I spent an hour or two figuring out how to add permalinks. I finally got it, and put some up. It's fun!