Saturday, January 01, 2005

Quoth Ron Reed;

"People are not only willing to tolerate us, they want to hear what we have to say, find out our spiritual strategies. Modernism, and its mystery-denying faith in science and pure rationality, has all but expired. People -- some people, anyway -- want mystery and humanity."

in an article from the Vancouver Sun.


penny lane said...

hey, "White Christmas" comes on tonight on channel 58!

Lukolas said...

Foolish Knight, I don't have any desire to have mystery nor humanity, so I guess I not one of those " --some people, anyway-- ".

Queen of Arts and England said...

Quoth the Queen:
What does 'White Christmas' have to do with that?
(Luke is saying, "Well what about the Black Christmas?")

jean said...

Goodness. I'm prosaic compared with your subtle commenters, but I agree with the quote. "Modernism" is passe, has run it's course.