Friday, December 17, 2004

Now is the time for all good men (and women)...

... to stand up and be heard! In the first annual Foolish Knight If-You-Don't-Like-The-Rolling-Stone-500-Greatest-Songs-List-Why-Don't-You-Make-One-Of-Your-Own? reader's list-making event! That's right, I want you to help me compile a list of my readers Ten Most Favorite Songs of All Time! Here's how:

1. Compile your list of your ten favorite songs. Think good and hard; scratch your head, chew your pencil. Do whatever helps you think, then

2. Get it to me! Run across country (or across the ocean), or just do it the easy way and “comment” your list.

I’ll tally the votes according to my own special system, remember the polls close on Christmas Day! Have fun, think hard!


eucharisto said...

Are these our favorite songs, or the songs we think most famous? Like should I put down whoever I like, or should I put down, people who I know are influential?

Foolish Knight said...

I’m talking about your favorite songs, pretty much regardless of context.

penny lane said...


midnitcafe said...

Christmas! There's not enough time! There's not enough time! Can't you narrow it down to like top 500 favorite pop songs or rock songs or something? There's just too many favorites to choose from. Ahhhhhhh! Overloaded. Ok, ok, must calm down. Must start making list...

Anonymous said...

count me in i am allready making it
though it might not have bob dylan on it midnight cafe (just kidding)
i am going to do twenty if you dont mind 10 christian and ten non
hope you like em!

Foolish Knight said...

I do mind Anonymous, I will only accept list of ten and only one list per person.

Superman said...

Tough i am sending 20 i just could not bring my self to just 10 you will have to dicifer the best.
here goes...and if that just will not do then i will try to pick favs.
but here is my first list anyway.


1.Red Letters: DC talk
2.Where the streets have no name: U2
3.Lord your Beautfull: Keith Greene
4.Elijah: Rich Mullins
5.Oh Holy Night: Anoymous
6.I Wish We'd All been Ready: Larry Norman
7.Deep Enough To Dream: Chris Rice
8.Pilgrim: Johnny Cash
9.If I Stand: Rich mullins
10.Your Love Broke Through: Compilataion


1.Kiss Me: Sixpence None the Richer
2.Americian Pie: Don Mcleeen
3.Fallen: Sarah Mc
4.Let it Be: The Batles
5.Bridge Over Troubled Watters: Simon and Garfuncle
6.You Rise Me Up: Josh Groban
7.Cats in the Cradle: Cat Stevens
8.Superman: Five for Fighting
9.Loves Divine: Seal
10.Trouble: Coldplay

Foolish Knight said...

Nathan, if I edit this list it will be mine not yours. I cannot accept this list, I'm sorry.

CowPrincess said...

LoL I have thought about this long and hard, and I think I am ready to post my list so here it is!

1.Surrender-Joy Williams
2.Homesick-Mercy Me
7.Never Alone-Barlow Girl
8.More-Matthew West
9.Raised In Harlem-Hero
10.Be My Escape

I hope you like it! P.S. I like Cows...Can you guess who I am?

Superman said...

okay okay, your mean...

Americian Pie ...don mcleen
Trouble ...coldplay
where the streets have no name: U2
superman ...five for fighting
if i stand: rich mullins
red letters ...Dc talk
let it be ... the beatles
fallen ...Sarah Mc
Oh Holy Night ...Anonymous
loves divine: seal

(it might change befor christiams)
but there you go are you happy now!
a mix of my fav the most infulncial
deep and just all around best!

Foolish Knight said...

Thanks, Nathan.

Foolish Knight said...

Oh yes, welcome to the new Blogger!

Superman said...

oh wait wait swich the loves divine
to calling all angels by train

eucharisto said...

Well, you've got to know these are subject to change, so this is just the current list. But these are some of my favorite songs, so enjoy!
Politik, Coldplay
Oh Lord, You're Beautiful, Keith Green
Where The Streets Have No Name, U2
Frail, Jars Of Clay
The Remedy (I Won't Worry), Jason Mraz
The Love Of God, Rich Mullins
I Am, Bebo Norman
Calling All Angels, Train
Canaan Bound, Andrew Peterson
Red Letters, DC Talk
Remember, I still might change before Christmas, so don't tally up my votes just yet!

eucharisto said...

Oh, and another thing, since this has been so popular, maybe we should do a book one! Like the If-You-Don't-Like-The-Image-Journal-Most-Influential-Spiritual-Book-List-Why-Don't-You-Make-One-Of-Your-Own? I have an inkling I know which book would come out on top!

Foolish Knight said...

You read my mind Joel.

Princess of Mirkwood said...

After hard concentration, I have concluded these are my favorite songs. (Subject to change)

Far Away - By The Tree
With or Without You - U2
In My Mind's Eye - DC Talk
I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles
O Holy Night - Michael Crawford
Accidently in Love - Shrek 2
Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2
It's Like Me - Kutless
Leaving Ninety-Nine - Audio Adrenaline
Revolution - Starfield

midnitcafe said...

Alright I completed my list. A couple of things to say first. Compiling a real list like this is impossible for me. In about 10 minutes without research or hard thinking I had about 50 favorites picked out. Sure some of these wouldn't have lasted after some hard thinking, but they could have easily been replaced. Point being a top ten favorites list with no other criteria just can't be chosen by me. There are too many I give equal value to, or mean as much to me but for different reasons. My list, as posted here, doesn'tinclude a few things. I chose not to include any "religious" songs. Partly because I don't care for contemporary christian music and party because the religious music that is meaningful to me don't really seem like songs. It's like calling the Bible your favorite book. Sure it is a great book, but it sits on a different plane than say the Grapes of Wrath. I also eliminated classical, bluegrass jazz, standards and traditionals (with one exception) from inclusion on this list. I would explain why,but I have already written to much.

Without further ado:

1. Ripple by the Grateful Dead on the album American Beauty

2. In My Life by the Beatles from the album Rubber Soul

3. We've Got a World That Swings by They Might Be Giants from the album S-E-X-Y (the Giants didn't actually write this, it's from an old Jerry Lewis movie, but this version is tremendous and also happens to be "our song")

4. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright by Bob Dylan from the album Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (nothing beats Bob's frazing on this song, but the live version from the Indigo Girls/Joan Baez will make a grown man cry)

5. Where the Streets Have No Name by U2 from the album Joshua Tree

6. If I had a Boat by Lyle Lovett from the album Pontiac

7. If I Needed You by Townes Van Zandt from the album the Late Great Townes Van Zandt

8. Shanendoah Lullabye by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman from the album Not For Kids Only (the amendment to the no traditionals, but this version just kills me)

9. Angel From Montgomery by John Prine, but the version to get is off the Great Days anthology sung live with Bonnie Raitt

10. Love at the Five and Dime by Nanci Griffith off the album One Fair Summer Evening (her hilarious intro to this song is worth the price of the ticket) although the duet with Darius Rucker on Dust Bowl Symphony aint too shabby