Saturday, December 18, 2004

Early Draft Reflections

I once described myself as a recovering procrastinator. Well, I've decided to strike the adjective - I'm a procrastinator plain and simple I don't like it, I'm trying to fight it, but darn it! I am one.

A Man For a Seasons

This film's biggest weakness is probably that - because it's very much driven by dialogue - it (at times) can feel more like a play that's been filmed that a movie. As weaknesses go, this is not a very big one and is understandable since A Man for All Seasons is based on Robert Bolt's play of the same name

Fuori Dal Mondo (Not of This World)

Not of This World just may be the best movie you've never seen.

Moby Dick

Once again we end with my least favorite of the bunch and once again I'm fumbling to explain why. With Ray Bradbury’s pen and director John Huston's helmsmenship, why third place?


Queen of Arts and England said...

You? A procrastinator? No, of course not!(tee hee)

Queen of Arts and England said...

Sorry I couldn't comment on the point of your post, but I haven't heard of any of those people/movies ( unless it was from you), except for Moby Dick.