Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Art Needs No Justifcation

It's been about a mounth since I encouraged my readers to get off their computers and read a book.

Well, now it seems that you can be online and read a book at the same time. For those who like that sort of thing.

So I present to you, for your mind's enlightenment, Hans Rookmaaker's Art Needs No Justifcation.


midnitcafe said...

I have such a terrible time reading books on my computer. It has something to do with the chairs, or the light of the computer screen or, more likely the inability to turn the page. There is something magic in turning to the next page in a real, honest to goodness, book. Which could actually be that I am a page counter always counting the pages to the end of the chapter, always looking at the last page and subtracting to see how much farther there is to read.

eucharisto said...

I don't think there will ever be a true merger between computers and books. Maybe a computer-like book, but never a book on a computer, I just don't see that possible. I think it would be nice if the computer world could perfect the technology of foldable screens, then they could make screens like pages, and you'd be able to store thousands of books on one e-book. That would be cool. But you'll never see me exchanging books for this computer screen. No way.

eucharisto said...

By the way, midnit, I do the same page-turning thing, counting on how many pages are left. Helps when I need to keep track of time. I suppose it just wouldn't be a book without pages.

midnitcafe said...

My wife thinks I'm a little compulsive when it comes to page counting. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something by seeing how many pages I've read. Of course I do the same with movies, I check the counter to see how long I've been watching and on my DVDs I check to see how much time is left.

I think my other problem with reading on a computer is that I have to sit at my computer and read. Even with the laptop you have to lug it around. Maybe something like a palm pilot (but slightly larger)that you could read books on wouldn't be too bad. But I'll always love my books.