Friday, December 10, 2004

All-Time Favorite Blog

Sorry guys, this a failed experiment. I should have deleted it.


Anonymous said...

You like that guy don't you.
He is intreasting, but i like it best when
you form your own conclusion or shall i say
"Come to your own conclusion."
I like your blog alot keep the good work going.

Anonymous said...

please, please, please 'foolish knight' don't give us any more articles that you yourself haven't even read. we want to know your thoughts and not the thoughts of someone else. Give us your opinions, not someone else's we don't care about someone else's thoughts we care about your's. I know you have it in you because I've seen some great stuff so please, please ,please unless you give us "your thoughts" about an artilcle that you read !no more!

penny lane said...

Preach it!

midnitcafe said...

Ah now, don't be so hard on the guy. I enjoy your own personal thoughts and ideas, but also enjoy some of the links. There's been some good stuff I didn't know existed except through this blog. plus I know how hard it is to keep up a blog consisting just of personal thoughts.