Friday, September 07, 2007

His Precious Blood (Grateful Tuesdays #18)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for light. Thank you for it’s warm, friendly penetration into rooms and into life. For how it turns everyday things like dust and fog and pollen into messengers of unspeakable beauty.

Thank you for the art and friends that you have gifted me with who are like light. Who shine through the basement windows of my soul, turning all the dead, dry things into things much more like fairies.

Thank you that you are providing for Ben right now. I am so glad he’s doing well at school.

Thank you for communication, God. The messiest thing ever, but how unimaginable life would be without it! Thank you for letting me be human, God. It’s funny to say, but I suppose I could have been anything or just not exist at all. I’m glad I exist. I’m glad I get to experience life, even with all its messiness, heartbreak, boredom and confusion. I’m glad I get to love people too. Even though love will always, eventually lead to hurt.

In the movie I’m watching right now, the camera has a lot of moments where it just sits and all you see is, say, a room. But the room is so beautiful that it strikes something in me when I get to see it. I so desire to make a movie like that. Something big and beautiful and perfect. Maybe precise would be a better word. A movie that we’ve thought through every single element of the film and know it so well when we are done that we feel as though we have spent our whole time maybe with a person. I want to make a movie that pulls rugs out from under the people who see it. I want people to be extremely surprised and maybe a little perplexed and sore yet extremely glad about where the film is going and where it ends.

God, this may not seem to other people to have much to do with you, but I’m only describing the story you wove. And the more I think about it, the more I can’t wait to see the ending of it! You’ve hinted at some pretty outrages things. Beyond moons turning to blood and horseman and flashes of light and trumpets, I’m thinking of every member of humankind all bowing to you and saying your name, and agreeing that your name is above every name. What will it feel like to see something so clearly that there will be only one course of action that I even consider taking? And for all of humanity to see the exact same thing and all respond the exact same way and for the same reason.

We will all agree — no doubt about it — that you are Lord and that your name is above every name.

Lord help me to live in that knowledge right now.



wildflower* said...

you give me goosbumps...
may i have permission to post a snippet of that on my own blog? quoting you, of course...
God has given you an amazing gift with which to express yoursef...
may you use it for His glory, and His alone... (it seems you already are!)

Queen of Arts and England said...

(I'm smiling)

OK, thank you so much for posting this, it is very very encouraging (much like the writer, how odd?)! God is so good to show us things through our dear friends.

Oh yeah,
I'm so thankful for light too!

Oh yeah II,
I have no doubt in my mind that with lots of hard work, you could create such a film.

wildflower* said...

amen, queen!
this world is so dark and needs the LIGHT of God's love... and what better avenue than mainstream media by which to glorify our mighty, awesome God! i look forward to that movie, knight!
have you guys ever seen the email fwd about the college prof that was verbally attacking a christian student about his faith? the student gives this awesome response and it has to do with light vs darkness...
i'll post it on my blog so you guys can read it. it's amazing.