Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Clichés! They Fly Like the Poisoned Darts Of Satan!

I'm back!

... in the saddle again

... like a bad cold

... hmm... I meant to put lots of cliches here, but I can't think of any more. Maybe more will come later, but for now: Hello! I am back, and it's nice to (pretend to) see all of your bright and eager faces. I missed you guys.

I'm afraid this post won't be very long, for* I have 130(!) unread emails in my inbox, and I need to attend to that mess before I do much here. I just wanted let you know that I'm back and that I'm so grateful for all of you who prayed for and encouraged me this summer. It was a wonderful experience and maybe my healthiest summer in recent memory. God really protected and grew me this summer. I hope I take what I learned to heart. Pray for that, if you would.

Okay, off to my inbox!


*My last writing teacher would laugh at me for using this conjunction. However, I have intended to convey a playful spirit through it anyway. So there.


wildflower* said...

glad to see you back!
now you MUST get through that inbox of yours so you can satisfy the cliff hanger you just gave us... where in heaven's name did you go? what in the world did you do all summer? how did you like it? what did you learn? who did you meet?
welcome back!

Queen of Arts and England said...


I'm so happy that you'll be posting again, another means for communication with you! Woot!

At least one of those emails is from me, I hope it didn't push your email load over the limit, and I hope you don't mind me emailing you (wink).

tesser said...

Hey there!

Glad your back!

eucharisto said...

Here's to welcoming you home (belatedly!). It's good to see a post up here again. it also means that I need to post on my blog too. Oh well, it's good motivation.

I suppose I'll be seeing you soon. See midsummer for the exact (tentative) dates.