Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well Worth Watching

My brother showed me this trailer for the new Sigur Ros concert documentary, and I loved it. Now that I'm starting to get my act together online, I'm finally getting around to showing it to you.

Oh, and keep a lookout for a theme in this trailer that might attract me to the film beyond the beauty of the photography and the music.


Queen of Arts and England said...

I have some of their music, and its really cool, slightly frustrating to not understand what's being said, but cool nonetheless.

Oo! Pick me! I know what the other thing is that makes you like this video: Its all those cool Icelandic-ly accented guys. Yep.

Katie said...

My that was beautiful! I loved the cinematography... Hmm... I wonder if you can hone skills like that at that awesome film school? ;-)

Theme that drew you guess: Home

Conan Leblanc said...
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