Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This day in history...

Cyrano de Bergerac was born. And Midsummer and Why watched the movie Cyrano de Bergerac last night. Weird.

Also: Davy Crockett died this day in history. That's kind of sad.

Awwh, so did Louisa May Alcott. This day just keeps getting sadder and sadder.

On the bright side, the great comedian, Lou Costello was born today and so was Will Eisner — whoever he is. His name makes me think of Walt Disney for some reason, but I didn't find any connection between the two in his Wikipedia entry except that his signiture looks like Disney's.

Today I also found out that "longitudinal" is a word while I was doing research on a paper that I'm not doing right now.

Mozart's wife died today too.

Ooh! Rob Reiner was born today too! Can anyone tell me who he is? (I almost put "Can any of you meatheads tell me who he is?", but I didn't think you'd get it, and I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.


Germo said...

i saw cyrano de belgerac the play in ashland.

i hated it. i guys the literature was good and intellectua but my A.D.D. had a hard time watching. And besides Cyrano seriously took like a whole act to die. Nobody resites a 8 page monologue right before they die. anyway that was my cynical opinion of the play, take it or leave it

Much love,

eucharisto said...

I think the last time I saw Cyrano (which I highly enjoyed), was the double-feature night for all of us (former) Worldview students. The other feature was 12 angry men, which I probably haven't seen since then either. Weird, two movies which I deeply enjoyed, and haven't seen for nigh on six years.

As you wish: All I gotta say is that Prince Humperdink owes a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Reiner.

eucharisto said...

Oh, btw, go buy Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. It's brilliant, and makes a number of U2 albums shake in their boots. You won't regret it.

Ok, fan gushing/plugging done.

Breaking Culture said...


I wish I could have watched it with you guys! You introduced it to me. Thanks, bye the way. I hope you're planning on coming to my hacienda soon. (I also hope that's how you spell house in Spanish!)
I hope you have an inspiring day.

(Sorry I haven't written you back yet.However, I am in the proccess.)

Midnight said...

Cyrano...wasn't he in that movie with Steve Martin where he had the big nose?

And you can't handle the truth about Rob Reiner.

PS, if you look hard enough you can find Wilco's new album leaked out over the internets.

Queen Mum said...

Hello Knight. Hope all is well with you, or at least you're hanging in there. I'm almost through with the dreaded "T" word.
I agree with midnight. Take care

Breaking Culture said...

Would you please tell your sister that I attempted to post on her blog, but I was confounded by a strange redirection when clicked on the "post a comment" button.

Thanks. Tell everyone hi for me.

Eriol said...

Will Eisner is/was a comic book artist/graphic novelist. He's most famous for his "Spirit" series. Salon has a mp3 for one of the new Wilco songs. It sounds rootsy.