Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am excited that...

... I am done with my final paper for my writing class.

... Eucharisto has new music up on his snazzy new website!

... that I got to draw today for a really, really long time.

Thank you, God! May you open our eyes to see all that you give us.


Joel said...

Well, congratulations twice over, and also a thank you for the kind mention!

How do you think the paper went?

Tuesday's Child said...

"These are the small graces..." (Bob Bennett)

What did you draw?

Foolish Knight said...

Joel (name change, again, I see), I think the paper went pretty well. I'm much more satisfied with it than a lot of others I wrote, and I think now I'm beginning to get the idea of how to write a research paper (of course, the class is over now, so maybe I learned a little late...).

Oh, an email is on the way also!

Tuesday's Child, it's (loosely) )based on Vermeer's "A Lady Reading at the Window." Vermeer is an amazing challenge to draw with a pen. I'm sure if I were to draw a Vermeer every day, my skills with a pen would excel rapidly.

(Go to My Old Sketchbook for more on the drawing.)

Foolish Knight said...

Oh yes, and horray for Bob Bennett! He turns phrases well. What song is this particular line from?

(Hmm... I think I feel a post forming.)

Queen of Arts and England said...

I'm so happy all the stressfull-ness of that paper is over! Oh-by-the-way, what a lovely drawing! I think everyone should practice with Vermeers, we could learn so much from him.

Tuesday's Child said...

Lovely drawing. I like the simplicity of the pen and ink. Gwen has "The Kitchen Maid" by Vermeer in her kitchen and I am always struck by how simple and beautiful a painting it is.

The song is "Small Graces" from the his album of the same name. I've looked everywhere for our copy (it's out of print) and was trying to find the lyrics but can't. All I can remember:

These are the small graces,
The little moments when the miracles come,
The unexpected graces (I think)
Small graces leading me to the larger ones...

It's my favorite of his if you ever happen to find it.

Joel said...

Well actually, the name change was unintentional. This whole blogger/gmail/google thing is really messy and unecessary. Let's just say that Blogger and I aren't friends right now.

Hooray for emails! I wait in excited anticipation.