Saturday, March 17, 2007

Installment Twenty Eight...

"This truth is to the convinced Christian a source of deep comfort in sorrow and of steadfast assurance in all the varied experiences of his life. To him "the practice of the presence of God" consist not of projecting an imaginary object from within his own mind and then seeking to realize its presence; it is rather to recognize the real presence of the One whom all sound theology declares to be already there, an objective entity, existing apart from any apprehension of Him on the part of His creatures. The resultant experience is not visionary but real."

-A. W. Tozer The Knowledge of the Holy


Fidgit said...

I like your blog. Just thought I'd let you know =) Oh oh oh! and guess what else? I like you too!

wildflower* said...

hi foolish knight,
ditto to fidgit...i just found your blogs through sarah clarkson's...
i'm also a homeschool graduate and value her opinion and blog content.
i just found yours and am enjoying myself very much. i like your love for God, your artistic flare, and you're funny besides! i respect the content of your blogs and like the types of things you post. come on over and visit mine...i just started it and i don't know that anyone has seen it yet...i sure would welcome your comments and those of anyone else you know. there are only a few posts so far from the last few days, so it itsn't too intimidating to catch up on my content, since i'm just starting. =)
for His Kingdom,

Foolish Knight said...

I'd love to visit your blog, wildflower, but I can't find the address. Would you mind posting it here?


Well, hooray for you! I'm glad you like me. Hey, hey, hey! Thanks for being such a good (patient) friend with me as I work on learning how to communicate and such.

wildflower* said...

sorry about that...
it's not on my profile?
the address is
bless you!

Queen of Arts and England said...

Ah! It made my comment go away!

Anyways, I was just struck by that last bit: real! REAL! Now that's exciting, I don't even have to imagine Him, because He's, first of all, better than my wee little brain could imagine, and, secondly, He's alive and real! Woot!

PS: I just want to echo Fidgit, I like you as well!