Friday, September 01, 2006

My Ten Favorite Love Songs

Yes, I said "love". You know, that man-woman thing, the thing that causes well-groomed princes to slay dragons and disgruntled daddies to change diapers at midnight. You know, The Beatles sing about it a lot.

Now, I don't claim to know a whole lot about this subject (having avoided both dragons and diapers with equal vigor), but I guess I know enough to at least make a top ten list, and would you please hold your snickering till the end of the tour? Thank you. Let's begin.

All I Want is You, U2
Eileen's Song, Burlap to Cashmere
Casimir Pualski Day, Sufjan Stevens
Built Her a Cloud, Terry Scott Taylor
A Man and a Woman, U2
This Sweet Old World, Emmylou Harris (A cover of I'm not sure who)
When I'm Sixty-Four, The Beetles
I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash
A Moment in Time, The Choir
Hush Now (Stella's Tarantella), Over the Rhine

Well, there's the list for now; there's no order to it yet, and I know I'm missing a bunch probably. Does anyone have any suggestions? What are your favorites? I'm thinking of trying to put fit U2's "Love is Blindness" into the list; what do you think? What about "Crown of Love" by Arcade Fire? Oh, what about "Girl from the North Country" (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash)? And should I put why I like each song or just leave that to your imagination?


eucharisto said...

So how's it been? Was camp lifechanging and cool? I hope it was.

What a great post. I love things like this. After having spent time in a group with Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler (I'll tell you the story sometime!), I expanded my library of songs and music.

As you asked, a few favorites:
10. Sarah MacLachlan, Answer
9. Damien Rice, Cannonball
8. Bebo Norman, My Love
7. U2, Love is Blindness ( in otherwords, yes, add this!)
6. Over the Rhine, Little Did I Know
5. Peter Gabriel, In Your Eyes
4. U2, Slow Dancing/Ground Beneath Her Feet (tie)
3. Sufjan Stevens, Casimir Pulaski Day
2. Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah
1. I figure the #1 song always deserves a little explanation. So here goes;
I don't know if you could call it a straight-out love song, but I've fallen for Over The Rhine's Latter Days. In unusual form for me, I heard it first in a live setting, with a small audience of people I know. Perhaps it was because I had just spent a week with them, but I can't remember a time when I felt such great joy and heartache so sincerely in one moment. I swear it is my greatest concert moment yet. This could be a life anthem song for me. It arouses some sort of fire within my soul everytime I hear it.

Ok, like you, Foolish Knight, I've probably left off a lot. But that's just the way with songs. Perhaps if I can think of something spectacular that I forgot, I'll ad it in another post.

But anyway, great post, welcome back!!!

Katie said...

Oh I do love these! And definitely some of the song suggestions. This is just my first thought, and I am sure days from now I'll remember a song that fits so much better and be annoyed that I posted too quickly.

But here goes..In no particular order by the way.

Al Green, Let's Stay Together
Etta James, I'll Be Seeing You
Alison Krauss, Baby, Now That I've Found You
Van Morrison, Crazy Love
Norah Jones, The Nearness of You
Ella Fitzgerald, I've Got a Crush On You
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, This Is Us
David Gray, Be Mine
Jack Johnson, Better Together
John Mayer, Love Song For No One
Jars of Clay, Love Song For A Savior

I could explain why each of these is significant to me, but it would take some time. So you can ask me in person some day. By the way this is the girl with an entire playlist devoted to love songs. I may have to add some of your suggestions to my list.

penny lane said...

so glad your back...I love the subject...get it LOVE!!! he,he!!!o.k I'll get back with ya:)

Why said...

How about Nieghborhood #1 (Tunnels) by Arcade Fire?

Queen of Arts and England said...

What a delightful drawing! I wish I had been there to make a Melvin shirt, seeing as I kissed him more than anyone it seems!
I was listening to Eileen's Song while I was making french toast last night, it is a nice song.

It would be so hard to make a list for me, most of the songs I love could qualify as love songs I think. What exactly is a 'love-song' anyways? Hmm. I think it would have All I Want is You and Hush Now (Stella's Tarantella) definitely, and maybe Latter Days. Oh and Your Song and Till Kingdom Come.

I think you should tell us why you like them, at least I want to know!

JD said...

So I'll put a few of mine:

Nickel Cree: Brand New Sidewalk
Nickel Creek: Green and Gray
Nickel Creek: Why should the Fire Die?
John Michael Montgomery: Highschool Heart
MIC: Sake of Love
John Michael Montgomery: Line on Love
John Michael Montgomery: I Love the Way You Love Me
P.O.D.: If You Could See Me Now
Shawn McDonald: Take My Hand
Skillet: Jesus Be Glorified

These are just some that I had on my computer, but some of my all time favorite songs and some of my favorite love songs. No Order really.