Friday, September 29, 2006

All Bummed Out

Well, I just found out that I missed my beautiful blog's anniversary again.

I mean, that's just a bummer, you know what I mean?

I'm telling you, man, a ground-breaking online journal like mine deserves to be honored. I mean, the day I put up this post was significant, something special happened, you know what I mean?


I'm going to bed.


eucharisto said...

Oh! I missed mine too! What about belated anniversaries? I don't know if I've honored mine yet.

*Sigh as well*


I just realized something really weird about both of our blogs. We started them on Friday, the 13. Of August, sure. But still. Kind of funny, right?

Foolish Knight said...

Oooh... Good observation, Eucharisto; that is funny.

And weird.