Friday, September 01, 2006

At least Katie will be excited...

Jeff Berryman has good news for Leaving Ruin fans; he is apparently mostly finished with Ruin's sequel Hunting Grace (and anxious to begin work on a third book!). It's in the hands of his publisher right now.

I love Jeff Berryman; The Daily Hopper has always been one my favorite blogs to go to when I just want to soak in good writing, and the companionship I found in Berryman's Leaving Ruin was great (as in "a large amount"). I had no idea a sequel was in the works! How exciting! Aren't you excited?

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Katie said...

SO EXCITED! I love that it might not be too long after I finish Ruin that I'll get a sequel to read. So far I identify so heavily with the book its overwhelming. Thanks for the loan!