Friday, December 02, 2005

I Know That I Am Not the Salt of the Earth, But Ain't There No Way To Figure What My Intentions Are Worth?

Hey guys,

Today is Answer Email Day for me, and I have a little under thirty to respond to. I won't be getting to all of them today but I'm going to make a noble effort. I have some emails from as far back as my birthday that I haven't had time read yet, much less respond to. (I'm feeling super-bad about this, in case you're wondering.)

See you later. And remember, floss daily and don't listen to Christmas songs on the radio!


The Foolish Knight (I put the "The" in there to bug you, Queen Mum)

Post Script: The title of this post is from a Mark Heard song, who can guess which one?


eucharisto said...

I could probably find out the song pretty quick by looking through my Mark Heard library, but I suppose that would kind of be cheating.
Oh well.

Meagan said...

Is this post meant to be an example of your "No time to say goodbye, hello" post of 11/22???

love meagan
post script: hopefully my sarcasm is comes through and is well received :-)

Foolish Knight said...

Your sarcasm is welcome here, Meagan. I used to get much more of it than I do now, and I'm starting to miss it. Besides, I've heard it said that it's a spiritual gift, so, please, practice away.

I'll save you the bother, Eucharisto; the Mark Heard song is "Shaky Situation".

penny lane said...

procrastination makes us human....It least that's what I tell myself! love you and can't wait to see your smile next week!

stan said...

Drat, I was too late to respond! I knew it was Shaky Situation.

You could hit the highway with a map and a gun...and I wouldn't blame you if you never returned

crossblade said...

that makes me feel super bad about some emails I have to respond to :(

well you have a great time brother

some0girl said...

um...why can't i listen to christmas songs on the radio?

Foolish Knight said...

See the last comment on this post for an explantion of some of my radio jingle jitters, Some Girl (there's a little apology thrown in there too).