Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Make a Difference In the World! Vote For Your Favorite Songs!

Last year at about this time I asked you to submit a list of your twenty favorite songs, and, after running the lists you gave me through the Magical Counter of Foolishly Musical Voting-ness thingy that I keep in my garage, I published your ten favorite songs; a decent list overall, but sorely lacking in the variety department. Which is why I'm adding a new rule to the voting this year; a rule that is restrictive, but necessary. On the list you submit, no artist may be included more than twice. Otherwise, the voting process is the same as last year's:

Step #1. Come up with a list of your twenty favorite songs. (Remember, your favorite; not your friend's favorite, or your uncle's favorite, or your second cousin once removed's favorite, or even the favorite of your next door neighbor’s miniature poodle. The list had better be truly yours or the Magical Counter thingy won't except it. Also, please only include songs that are your favorites right now, this list is not to determine what songs you listened to when you were a kid, or the songs you enjoyed a couple of years ago; it's about what songs mean the most to you right now.)

Step #2. Order the list, placing your favorite at the top and the rest down from there. (Hard to do, yes. Like breaking up, only a lot more painful.)

Step #3. Get it to me. Via comment (on this post), e-mail, pony express, whatever; just get it to be by midnight on Christmas Day or your valued opinion will not be represented on the list. And that would be sad, wouldn't it? (Please keep in mind that I won't be accepting any lists posted by "Anonymous" commenters.)

Three steps. Simple enough, right? Enjoy making your list; I can't wait to see what comes of this.


Katie said...

Oh this is a good task! I need to think think think...

eucharisto said...

Has it really been a year? It doesn't seem like it at all. But no matter, I'm just so happy it's here again, this is a lot of fun!
My list this year seems to be filled with several themes. In some, I have found profound wisdom in politically active songs; Other songs are about sorrow and the ebb and flow of life; One specific theme pulls most of them together: Apart from a couple new songs, most of these songs are callbacks to memories in my life, some event that happened in my life, or whatever. It seems no matter how many songs I listen to, I always come back to some. Several of those kinds of songs are on this list. Here goes!

20. Daniel Powter: Bad Day
19. Sam Phillips: Wasting My Time
18. Snow Patrol: Chocolate
17. Jared Anderson: Prepare the Way
16. Coldplay: Politik
15. Keith Green: Oh Lord, You're Beautiful
14. Bebo Norman: My Love
13. James Blunt: Cry
12. Anna Nalick: Breathe (2AM)
11. Fernando Ortega: All That Time
10. Mae: Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
9. U2: Mothers Of The Disappeared
8. DC Talk: What Have We Become?
7. Steven Curtis Chapman: Lord Of The Dance
6. Andrew Peterson: Let There Be Music
5. Amy Grant: Lead Me On
4. Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah
3. Peter Gabriel: Mercy Street
This song is filled with emotion and deep felt longing. I think the reason this song is so meaningful is because it is not afraid to probe deep into the darkness to see if there is still a shaft of light breaking through somewhere, if there is a "mercy street" to follow out of the night into the light. If we can find a way to delve beyond the facades and shows of normality in our lives, and really ask the questions about love and loss and pain, and ultimately redemption, perhaps we will be better off for it.
2. U2: Where The Streets Have No Name
Some songs I simply cannot escape, and this happens to be one of them. There is within this song a spark of divine truth, as if a window to heaven has been opened for the listener. Ironic, as the song is about heaven, but the lyrics portray such depth of understanding of the chasm between this world, where "Love turns to rust", and the heavenly place, where "The Streets Have No Name". U2 is the greatest rock band of all time for a reason, and that is that they understand more than just writing a good rock song. They understand life, and that is why the merit the number 2 spot on my list.
1. Rich Mullins: Land Of My Sojourn
This song more than any this year gets my best vote for the sheer profundity it produces with such simplicity. The message is simple enough. Mullins takes his ethnic country of origin (Ireland) and compares it to America, where he says: Nobody tells you/when you get born here/how much you'll come to love it and how/you'll never belong here/so I'll call you my country/But I'll be lonely for my home/and I wish that I could take you there with me. He then shows how this is the relationship that we have with the world; It's a wonderful place, full of deep beauty and wonder, but it will never be our true home, and we will always be somewhat foreign and just wandering through. Our true home is beyond earthly bounds, and someday we will see it again, and truly be home. That is why I chose this song as number one, because I have that same longing that Rich Mullins did, and that is the theme of this year for me; That someday I will be able to go "home", but for now, I must work and struggle for purpose in the land of my sojourn.
Wow! That was fun. I can't wait to see the other entries!
(by the way, I didn't say this earlier, but I reserve the right to edit this list at any time before the deadline, if that's alright!)

Katie said...

Okay... I've filtered through my iPod and found the songs I've been playing the most recently. This most certainly isn't comprehensive as I had 40 or so at first and had to whittle it down just to those I've been listening to lately. My two all time favorites remain at the top of the list despite the fact that they are older they’ll never be off the list.

1. Nightswimming by R.E.M. - This is without a doubt my favorite song. I listen to it over and over. It relaxes me and reminds me of cool summer nights, and many memories.
2. Baby, Now That I've Found You by Alison Krauss - Alison is without a doubt one of the best female singers I've ever heard. This is the first song I ever heard by her and I fell in love with the words and her voice immediately.
3. Lorraine's Song (My Heart Was a Lonely Hunter) from the Love Song for Bobby Long Soundtrack (I actually don't know who its by!) - It is a beautiful song with a clear voice and I just love it, very soulful.
4. When In Rome by Nickle Creek - One of my favorite groups and this is the best song on the new album.
5. If I Had a Boat by Lyle Lovett - I think Lyle Lovett is fabulous and this was one of my first iTunes purchases.
6. Come Undone by Duran Duran - This is dating me definitely, but I was so excited when I downloaded it. It brings back memories of my college years and friends. (No, I wasn't in college when it came out but for some reason I listened to it often then.)
7. Stay by Lisa Loeb – Now this one is all about High School memories but I still love it and listen to it often. I wanted to be Lisa Loeb with her cool glasses and sweet voice!
8. Tiny Dancer by Elton John – This one is a favorite classic rock song and one of my first download purchases also. A must have in my playlists.
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones – Another classic song and I love the choir in the beginning. Not too mention the lyrics are pretty good.
10. Riverwide by Sheryl Crow – This song is just beautiful, I sing right along.
11. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt – A great new artist out there and I dream the song is about me. ;-)
12. Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day – There is something sad about this song, and this is one of Green Day’s best albums yet.
13. Bad Day by Daniel Powter – One of the best free iTunes downloads. It’s a staple now.
14. Where It’s At by Beck – A High School classic again and rediscovered recently. It was revolutionary in its moment.
15. Cannonball by Damien Rice – Quickly becoming a favorite artist.
16. Constellations by Jack Johnson – I could listen to Jack all day. (See we are on a first name basis.) This reminds me of the fantastic concert at the Gorge with the sun setting and Jack playing in his bare feet. I wish I was a surfer.
17. All At Sea by Jamie Cullum – A KINK radio song that I began to crave hearing.
18. Beverly Hills by Weezer – I’m an old time Weezer fan and this new song is fun even if I could care less about the lyrics.
19. Everybody’s Changing by Brian Keane – Again a KINK radio suggestion, I love the piano in the beginning.
20. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane – A big band and song right now and deservedly so.

I’d love to add more but I’m limited to the 20 most current so there you have it. This is going to be my most played playlist.

Foolish Knight said...

Great lists, guys; lots of class. I love it, very exciting stuff (but for my sake let's just hope that SOME songs get voted for twice!)

Queen of Arts and England said...

Oh joy! I loved this last year, can't wait to see it this time.Now let me think....

Meagan said...

How fun! I love reading Eucharisto's and Katie's comments on their song choices. It makes me want to listen to each one of those songs RIGHT NOW.

love meagan

Foolish Knight said...

Make sure you vote too, Meagan.

Meagan said...

Well, see, here's the deal... I have no favorites. I basically suck at that. My music opinions vary minute-ly and, although I am a professional and highly educated musician, my knowledge of most genres of pop-culture music is sadly pathetic.

So, as honored as I am that you asked for my vote, I think I'll have to just be an observer on this! :-)

Katie said...

This is very true... Meagan could on the other hand give you a great list of favorite musical songs or pieces she's played in recitals. I'm sure something from Rent and Wicked would be on there... Seasons of Love?? :-)

eucharisto said...

I think I'm going to post a re-thought out list. But not now. Class starts right now!

Why said...

List pending.

Brewster said...

I've decided to make a list of my favorite songs that I first heard this year. They aren't songs that necessarily came out this year, but ones that I haven't heard until now.

1. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Easy Plateau: The studio version on Cold Roses has a nice country feel to it, but live it absolutely rocks with a nice improvisational groove.

2. Wilco - just about anything but I'll pick Heavy Metal Drummer as my favorite: I rediscovered Wilco this year and man the things I missed. Yankee Foxtrot Hotel is a masterful album. Heavy Metal Drummer will have you singing it in your head for weeks.

3. White Stripes - Doorbell: Picked up Get Behind Me Satan because my brother-in-law said I'd dig it. I did. Doorbell is a sing-along rocker that kicks.

4. The Magnetic Fields - Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side: From 69 Love Songs, quirky and fun.

5. Portland Oregan - Loretta Lynn: the remaking of a country star into an alt-rocker

6. Ruler of My Heart - Norah Jones and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Norahs sultry voice with a playful jazz band.

7. From a Balance Beam - Bright Eyes: A North Irish friend turned me onto these guys. Pure pop with good lyrics.

8. GPT - Martha Wainwright: An astounding debut album from a musical family. She's sometimes filthy, but always heartfelt and often beautiful.

9. Snowing on Raton - Gillian Welch: A Townes Van Zandt cover that knocks the breath out of me every time.

10. Go Tell the World - Joy Zipper: Brit pop with claps.

I'm sure I'm missing some, but this took me so long to compile I'm gonna have to stick with it.

Foolish Knight said...

Thanks so much for submitting a list, Brewster. I wasn scared that you weren't going to make it to this year's polls; I'm so glad you did.

By the way, your list only has ten songs, are you going to keep it that way? You can vote for twenty if you want to.

midnitcafe said...

I will try to pick up ten more. I've been such a slacker with it I wanted to get at least ten out before the deadline. I'll try to dig through my cds and see what other tunes I can add.