Saturday, December 24, 2005


Dear God,

Thank you for filling this beggar's cup.

God, I love you.


This is the prayer that's been rolling around in my head of late. I mean, for God to become a dying thing that he might infuse the dying with life? What a crazy deal. I get everything, and God gets me. What's crazy is that God's acting like he got the better end of the bargain (Hebrews 12:2, The Song of Solomon, Luke 15). Is this not enough to drive you into the ground with weeping and send you to the sky with rejoicing? Doesn't your heart soar with joy?

All those giddy psalms on giving thanks are starting to make a little more sense...

Merry Christmas!


JD said...

Amen brother!

tessie said...

Why? Because He loves us. But why does He love US? I'll find out when I have more understanding (in Heaven).

Katie said...

So true... I often can't help but think he's getting the raw end of the deal.

Queen of Arts and England said...

I 've been pondering these thing too, especially because it's Christmas. When Jesus came He knew He was here to die and yet He continued to be concerned with the sinful, sick and dying. He was concerned about me, it's almost more than I can believe, but I believe it!