Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Are You Working On Your List Of You Twenty Favorite Songs?

You'd better be! You only have five days left! Quick, don't just stand there! Make a list!

Note: You can use this post for submitting a list if you want to, but please don't use it for ordinary comments. Thank you.

Oh yes, props once again to Soldout for a great picture.


Katie said...

I recognize that piano!

Eriol said...

New Year's Day-U2, a three word definition of greatness. But it’s my favorite U2 song, which means it might change in a month. No worry, I think this one is going stay. If pressed for more reasons for my favoritism, I’ll just say I like “New Year’s Day” because I like new year’s eve.

Fire and Water-Buddy Miller; my favorite guitar licks are on this track. Not any sort of fiery guitar, but incoming ocean waves to fill any crevices of the heart.

What If Uncle Ben Had Lived?- Poor Old Lu; It's Isaiah ch. 52-53 set to spellbinding guitar fuzz, and organ. Spellbinding and overflowing, and lifts heavy-heartedness, as if the music was crying for you.

Born- Over The Rhine; Lap steel for people who don't like it. Instead of being perky, it quietly floats above the melody, and paired with the words it draws out emotion, like a magician drawing out scarves.

Can't Buy Me Love-The Beatles: I described this song to foolishknight as being the Jane Austen novel of rock songs.

I Want You- Bob Dylan; Dylan gets poppy! Plus he nods towards Pushkin and “Queen of Spades.” Ya lyublyu Dylana!

She’s Not Afraid- Mark Heard; ‘Cause I’m not afraid either.

The Man Comes Around- Johnny Cash: The end is coming, and the Man in Black has gone on to prepare the way.

A Rush of Blood to the Head- Coldplay; Chris Martin finally writes a song better than a nursery rhyme, and when he does, he is paranoid and ironic. Which is big step from his sensitive guy persona.

Everything Is Alright- Phil Keaggy and Sunday’s Child

Eternal- POD and Phil Keaggy: the “classical” piece, or maybe not. I think it’s a prime example of dual headbanging jazz guitars.

Where Will I Be?- Emmylou Harris; don’t laugh at her name, her voice carries more tragedy than a thousand Hamlets. And “Where Will I Be” is her soliloquy.

Waiting on the Sunshine- Sixpence None the Richer

Maybe All I Need- Daniel Amos: Maybe all I need is here right now, but not now.

Dead End Moon- Kevin Max: He loses me in Arabia with this unknown beauty he’s seen. I think he’s gotten out of the Middle East, but I’m still not out of this desert, and unsure if the beauty was a mirage.
Original of the Species- U2: Probably overshadowed by the rest of the Bomb, yet now it is probably being overplayed (like Red Letters). Enough with how it’s being played; I really like it.

I Need You. The End- Kevin Max: It reminds me of John Lennon’s “#9 Dream”, it has the same sort of desperateness and loneliness. I wish I knew enough of Lennon’s songs to include some his stuff.

Something- The Beatles: Oh forget Lennon. I’m more of a George kind of guy anyway. I really wish I knew more his trippyness.

My Back Pages- The Byrds

Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan: Once in the Royal van I delivered my greatest performance of the song’s first verse. Sure it appears to be ego-centric to mention my version when I’m trying to praise Dylan, but what I’m trying to point out is; his song inspires mania and glee; happily inviting hapless voices to match his passion.

Why said...

Number 1. Please by U2 --Something about this song just hits me right in the gut.

2.Harder to Believe Than Not to by Flemming and John --If you haven't heard it I can't explain it.

3.Wake Up (live at Fashion Rocks) by Arcade Fire -- I think the reason I like this song is just because of the music.

4. The Blues by Switchfoot --This call of desperation by Jon Foreman is just heart wrenching but not without hope.

5. Where the Streets Have No Name (live from Rotterdam) by U2 --A good song made better by the 90's U2 twist

6. Joel by Daniel Amos --A sort of answer to The Blues with God answering the questions of Jon Foreman.

7. The Silent Side by Eucharisto --I love this song.

8. Don't Wait by Buddy Miller --Alter call gone Southern rock/Country. Need I say more.

9. Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet? by Relient K --Break-up song of the ages with a modern twist.

10. Kingdom Come by Coldplay --What to say about this one hmmm... I don't know but it is a good song.

11. Paralyzed by Sixpence None The Richer --Gut-wrenching, heart-breaking every time this retelling of 9/11 this song is great mix of powerful music plus tear-jerking vocals gets me every time.

12. Free at Last by DCtalk --Can I say I like this song because it makes me happy?

13. politicians by Switchfoot --Once again a song that I like more for the music than the words. (If you haven't noticed already music is a big part of what I listen for in music.)

14. Nothing but The Blood by Jars of Clay --Jars of Clay+Blind Boys of Alabama+Good ol' gospel song = Great listening.

15. Live in Stereo by The Newsboys --I don't listen to this song very often but when I do it always makes me feel up-lifted.

16. Hurt by Johnny Cash --Looking back on life Cash wonders what happened to him and those around him.

17. Rocky Boat by Steven Delopoulos --The song of a new Christian bursting with joy.

18. Presto by Ludwig van Beethoven --Somebody has to have some classical music on their list. Besides, this song is really good. Really good.

19. I Want to be a Clone by Steve Taylor --A quote from the song "I asked the Lord into my heart/they said that was the start/but now you've got to play the part/I want to be a Clone"

20. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys --If you haven't seen The Chick Flick you wont get it.

After looking at eriol's list I noticed a song that I might have put up and another by the same artist.

Look at my post to see this list in all its greatest.

h-i-p said...

I realize that almost half of the songs on my list do not have lyrics. This is because for me music is a palette. (I know this borders on a cheesy metaphor but stick with me here). Music has always served as a backdrop to life, whether to my life (which I think most people will agree with) or to a fictional one... When I hear a song I see images. Some of them based on my life and memories but most of them not. These songs below continue to illicit the most powerful of images in my mind's eye. Its my hope to eventually transfer these images or at least the emotions that they struck.

1. Come On - Ben Jelen
2. Nirvana - El Bosco
3. Ross' Concert - Jeff Danna
4. Better Together - Jack Johnson
5. Staralfur - Sigur Rós
6. Slow Motion - David Gray
7. Hallelujah Chorus - George Frideric Handel
8. So Damn Lucky - Dave Matthews, Trey Anastasio & Orchestra Baobab
9. One of These Things First - Nick Drake
10. Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine/Postal Service
11. Suite in G Major - Johan Sebastian Bach
12. The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon and Garfunkel
13. Peer Pressure - Jon Brion
14. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire - Johann Sebastian Bach
15. Living Water - 5 o'clock people
16. Really Something - Aaron Sprinkle
17. Light of the World - Matt Redman
18. The Promise - Tracy Chapman
19. Halfway Home - Jason Mraz
20. The Lighthouse's Tale - Nickel Creek

Many of these songs are available streaming online for free, I'll try and post on my blog where you can find them.