Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She Forgot Purple

Good thoughts on rhyming in poetry.

(From someone who clearly loves words.)


Rhyme is at the wheel. No, rhyme is the engine.

There are no tired rhymes. There are no forbidden rhymes. Rhymes are not predictable unless lines are. Death and breath, womb and tomb, love and of, moon, June, spoon, all still have great poems ahead of them.

Rhyme is an irrational, sensual link between two words. It is chemical. It is alchemical.

And one particularly mindblowing sentence:

Rhyme frees the poet from what he wants to say. 

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Miss Breezy Tulip said...

I like to write bits of poetry now and then. . . glad to here we can still use some of the over-used yet still-beautiful words.

I visit your blog from time to time, and I've wondered if you've heard about the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and Academy?

Also, as a fellow artist, I highly recommend listening to this: Hollywood vs. Christian Culture
These messages from the SAICFF pretty much changed my life and the way I view the culture as a Christian and an artist.

For Christ's Glory,