Saturday, September 12, 2009

I challenge you not to get excited about reading Donald Miller's new book after reading this paragraph:

The subtitle, "what I learned while editing my life" really is exactly what happened. And, man, does he fly. A listless, writerly, ironic, Portland-based, post-evangelical thinker, becomes more intentional, more earnest, more active, more radical, more really real. It is an amazing transformation, actually. Graceful? Well, it isn't without stumbles and set-backs, but I think it is graceful. Yes, this is a graceful book. It is about making a movie about your life, and what that might make you think and do. That is, he wants his real life to be as interesting and noble as the one in the movie they are making. Is that a crazy-good idea for a book, or what? Sederis or Palahniuk didn't think of that, did they?
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