Sunday, September 13, 2009


My friend Stan found this recently.

This makes me mad in forty different directions.


Eucharisto said...

But why does it make you mad?

Is it that you disagree with it's aesthetic, the intention put into the creation of the piece, the assumptions which led to the craft of the piece, or some other purpose?

We Christians have reactions to such things all the time, but I'd think we should verbalize why we have such reactions. Otherwise we have no business calling them out methinks.

Not that I disagree with you; but I never get to be devil's advocate. Pretty please? : )

Foolish Knight said...

I understand your question and why you asked it.

The main reason I didn't say why it made me mad is because I don't have time to write the 300 pages of outrage and heartbreak that are in my head as a response.

But for you, Joel, one day I will.


Eucharisto said...

That's nice. I'll read it with tears in my eyes on that day.

You've got to admit though, a fish AND a cross...I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Foolish Knight said...

I'm sure whoever made it still thinks it was a *great* idea. I just disagree with them, and... well, there's the book.