Monday, January 07, 2008

Over Berlin (Grateful Tuesdays #22)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I’m so grateful that I’m human, God! Even with all its messiness, being human is such an honor and such a joy. Your word says that angels marvel at the kinds of things that I get to experience every day.

I get to experience your grace, God. That’s probably the thing the passage I have in mind is referring to the most. Your grace is marvelous, God. But I know I don’t take it in enough. I don’t really see it, see it for what it is.

I do want to marvel at your grace, God. At what you’ve done and who you are.

Thank you for the ability to feel. I’m sick right now, God, and I don’t really like being sick more than any other human being, but I’m grateful. I’m grateful to be able to feel and because if I’m sick I know I’m alive.

Alive. What a word, God. Now, that’s a word I’d like to comprehend fully. (It makes me think of U2, as do most things, I guess.)

I like the song “All Because Of You”, because it’s a song about a man joyful (and joyful is an understatement) to be alive, and he credits all of it to you. I like to see that. It feels right.

Cause you’ve done so much, God! You’ve filled this world with color and explosions of life and light! You made love and human emotion. Air and dirt and the molecules and sub-molecules (if there are such things) and atoms that go into them! You’ve filled man’s heart with song! And given us things to taste and tongues to taste them with.

You are not a stingy, brown and grey God. You delight in a life fully lived. You’ve caused me to dare to think that I won’t spend eternity hitting my head against a wall over all my mistakes but will instead rejoice in what you were able to do through me. You even encourage me to believe that one day I’ll be further along the road you have me on, the road of looking like you, than I am now. That you’ll stay faithful to me. You love me more than I’ll ever know.

Thank you for being faithful to me, God. Thank you for your faithfulness on the trip I just took to Tennessee and how you provided lots of time for me and my friend to be with each other. Thank you for what a wonderful time I had with that whole, wonderful family. And also for the other people I got to see while I was there.

God, you’re so faithful. Some things I’ve had a wrong attitude about, you’re completely turned me around on. Of course, I still need to count on you for the rest.

Thank you for your forgiveness. Over my worrying and manipulating and whatever else I do when I let my vision slip and take my eyes off of you, my loving Creator.

You love me. You love me; you love me. I long to live in your love, to live the full, sun-shining radiance of your love. Because God, I’ve been starving out in the spiritual gutter. I need your love; I fully confess that. I am completely empty without you. Even more so that I was before, I think. Because now I have totally died to my old self and have been raised in you. My identity is now found totally in you; that doesn’t leave much room for a “me” without “you”. Not that I’d even want that anyway. I want you, God. Nothing else will do. Please visit me with your self; make your home in me, I pray.

In Jesus’ name,


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