Friday, October 19, 2007

On The Benefits of Walking

Yesterday God blessed me by taking me on a walk. I got to spend about an hour to an hour and a half, walking the streets of one of my favorite areas here in Portland, being buffeted, proded and embraced by the wind and the rain and the cold. My soul was as numb that day as any time I remember, and to have the constant reminders of God's presence that wind and rain are to me, accompany me on my walk, was very much a blessing from God. I have no doubt that He was with me.

It's funny: Cold and rain are pretty depressing to me when I'm inside, but when I'm out in them, all of a sudden, the cold is God breathing into my lungs, the wind is His embrace and the rain is His consistent reminder that I am alive and real and so is He.

So thank God for walks, I guess is the moral. Though, actually, I know what I mean is thank God that He is God and He is with us. [amen]

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BDT said...

yesterday at about 11:30pm, I went with a friend running through the woods and the mud. We were being chased by the "watchful witch of the woods" and her wolf-like beasts. We were caked in muck and soaking wet. I love the rain and cold. Thank you for this post. It renews my love for rainy weather.

Germo said...

I love walks!
And yes I agree with Ben this blog renewed my love for rainy weather. Well not love....appreciation.

Hey you should check out me and erik's new blog. I think you'll enjoy it.

Queen of Arrrts and England said...

Thank you for sending the rainy weather out here! I love it!

I like your post very much, it rings true-er everytime I read it. I'm glad that God could take you for a walk (I might join you for a walk sometime.Maybe).