Friday, October 05, 2007

Oh! Excitment!

What? Knights! Episode Three: Friends and Foes is on YouTube now? That's fantastic!

Thanks for watching, guys. (And for putting up with my corny attempts at inciting enthusiasm.)

Stay tuned!

Oh, and look at this nifty trailer Jeremy put together:

We got to show it in Church to promote Kid's Club. Sure beats a bulletin announcement, eh?


Queen of Arrrts and England said...

THese are so amazingly great! I laugh every time I see an episode! Yay! Beowulf's hat is my all time favorite prop.

AND....I still feel kind of weird seeing you as a villian-type guy, BUT you are doing an exccellent job being a bad guy. (Man, look at those conjuntions!)

Fidgit said...

I've always wanted to see you play the bad guy. AMAZING! I love these episodes. Well done to you and Jeremy and the rest of your merry band! I hope you make a very many more.

Katie said...

I loved the scenery in this one. It was fantastic! I can't wait to see more of the journey. Good work everyone!

Midsummer said...

Boy, I wish my brothers had friends as cool as you guys.

Joel said...

Laughed out loud, at most of this episode. Full-fledged guffaws. Absolutely brilliant!

How's the other film project coming (the one that pertains to yours truly)?