Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm feeling kind of bad that these movies are the only things that I'm posting. But I'm really am pretty busy right now.

So... Without any futher blubbering and self-conscience talk, here's episode four of Knights!

Thanks for watching!


Fidgit said...

This is so far my favorite one. Who plays the luggage carrier? He's great. And yay for Jeremy, a serious role and a comedic role both in one episode. I really like this one a lot. Yay everyone! Well done all.

wildflower* said...

these are awesome, knight!! i loved the music in this one and their whole plan to reverse the trap. i was chuckling the whole way through!
good work, men!

Queen of Arrrts and England said...

He he he! I loved it! (guess what one of my favorite elements of it was... hmm... you have to guess!)( I suppose I'll tell you later) Everyone is doing such a great job. Oh mercy, when Jeremy (as the jester) was in the net, I was laughing so hard!


Foolish Knight said...

Thank you, guys! Your comments are very encouraging.

We try to not be doing these to be noticed by people, but sometimes positive comments are nice. I'll be sure to pass these along to the rest of the group.

Erik said...

You inspire me.