Monday, January 02, 2006

If you're looking for a good time...

Then you could visit Her Royal Majesty Brings Forth the Bread over at her blog and get advice from the Love Doctor (who has helped me with a heartbreak or two). What's that you say? Your love-life is fine but your life as a cinephile is going nowhere? In that case I recommend this list of Jeffery Overstreet's favorite films of 2005. Good reading that.

Can't have enough articles on U2 and God, right? Here's one served up by Chuck Colson's ministry, BreakPoint.

Other random items:

Jeffery Overstreet has a new hero.

Eucharisto has a new blog.

LarkNews has a new issue.

Sister Ames (the Baptist Nun) writes up a storm.


Brokeback Mountain considered.

Blue Like Jazz discovered.

Masquerade attended! (Here, and here.)


Queen of Arts and England said...

Someone got happy with the hyper links!

Katie said...

Great links! I appreciated the truthful review from Jeffrey Overstreet on Brokeback Mountain. I've been curious after hearing all the Oscar buzz but didn't want to just go out and watch it. He was very thoughtful as always in his review. I just love intelligent christians!

I also checked out the Masquerade, and laughed that Sufjan Stevens is getting more press. I guess I need to actually have a listen sometime soon.