Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It is, of course, far too late to post any kind of "Top Ten" list for the year 2005. That's why this list of my favorite gifts of 2005 only has nine items! Because there's no rule for "Top Nine" lists, right? These highlights are roughly in the order that they happened (hard to put them in any kind of exact order since some of these overlap). Here they are:

1. Reestablishing friendships
Because of the move back to Oregon I got to move beyond superficial relationships with many childhood friends, people at church, family members and the like. A definite highlight.
2. Graduation
Of course, moving has its price too (besides back trouble), and the time spent with those who came up to celebrate my day of liberation, uh, I mean accomplishment was a time of wonder for me.
3. Camp
4. TruthQuest
5. Meeting Jeff and Anne Overstreet
6. Meeting Albert and Elric
7. My birthday
8. Meeting Steve Taylor
9. Trip to Tennessee and Colorado

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Erin said...

i was very pleased to see truthquest on that list! whoo-hoo!