Monday, June 08, 2009

Installment Number Thirty Four...

"What this means is that prayer can be learned only in the vocabulary and grammar of personal relationship: Father! Friend! It can never be a matter of getting the right words in the right order. It can never be a matter of good behavior or proper disposition or skillful manipulation. It can never be a matter of acquiring some information about God or getting in touch with myself. It is a relationship, exclusively and unendingly personal."
—Eugene Peterson, Tell It Slant

Have I shared this already? I think it's a wonderful quote and something that I wish I could really take to heart. Really get it my head (and heart) and learn, really learn.

But for now, I'm going to have to live with being reminded of it, and it is wonderful to be reminded of this unendingly personal God.


pilgrim said...

I've recently been discovering that the best way to learn such things is to ask God to teach them to you. Just be ready when He does, because it probably won't be fun.

Katie said...

I love that quote. So good for those of us who are always striving to "get it right". What's right in a relationship? That's what we need to really think about.

When I realize how much I love people and just want to be with them, and then think God feels like that about me and THEN some. It is overwhelming. It is good.