Monday, April 09, 2007

These are fun to make (I wish I could include more questions, though)...

(I don't know why this big ugly box is here: just scroll down a little bit. Oh, and highlight the word in the search portal then push "enter" when you're done with the quiz to get your results.)

My Quiz


Question #1:



My favorite movie is Orson Welles' Citizen Kane.

Question #2:

I like to draw flowers and animals on my socks.

Question #3:

I have been to about twenty countries.

Question #4:

I respond promptly to all letters and emails.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I pass, completely.

Why said...

Same here. I win.

Nathan J said...

wow i did terible you mean you dont draw flowers on your socks, oh well to bad, hey andrew listin to a song a made i am trying to get more up but as allways technolgy is having the time of its life laughng at me. go to
oh by the way this is nathan its been a while. tell everyone hello!
come to colorado already.

wildflower* said...

i failed miserably! only got one out of four! i respond promptly to all letters and emails. usually. unless i'm really busy. on a regular basis, i check email umpteen times a's always up!

Katie said...

I am too embarassed to post my score!

why said...

Wow Nathan. I could barely tell that was your voice.