Sunday, February 12, 2006

Note To My Future Father-In-Law (Whoever You Might Be): Please Don't Get Any Ideas

I thought I'd link to a story and break the monotony of (avoiding) studying.

The story (presented in the form of a blog) is called Jay and the Canoe.

One of the girls here at the WorldView Center gave us the web address for the blog because she knows the guy in this story. By the way, this is a story for which all of my adjectives are very girl-ish sounding so I'll just say this: Girls, prepare to sigh at least once, and guys, take notes. And since it's a blog be sure to start at the very bottom and work you way up. Happy reading!

A couple of side notes:

I hope to have the results for the second annual Foolish Knight "Song Vote" ready by Thursday, and my own list (with commentary) posted as well.

I also plan on posting a paper soon about people who wear hats. It's my first Writing 121 assignment that would be of interest (hopefully) to you guys and I'm waiting for feedback from my teacher before I post it.

(By the way, I love my writing teacher dearly but it is my abiding fear that one day she will stumble on this blog and be horrified at case after case of poorly worded sentences, incorrect grammar, and all around bad writing, all of which have been known to sneak into this blog from time to time. Or worse: I think, maybe she's reading it RIGHT NOW! That would be the scariest of all! Does anyone else have fears like this?)

One more thing: The swelling has gone down so I think I can say this: I'm pretty sure that my nose is broken, seeing as how it doesn't quite point in the same direction as it used to point before I knocked a kid over with it on Wednesday night. Not to worry though, it doesn't hurt and it kinda conveys an air of rugged handsomeness. I hope. And it's not really VERY noticeable that much anyway.


tessie said...

That whole story was amazing! Thanks Foolish Knight!

Queen of Arts and England said...

What a terrific story! (The story about the boat and love and all that, not your nose.)It's just beautiful, I love engaged people!(sniff, sniff) If my dad was going to do something, he would probably make the guy pour a concrete patio or something weird like that. (Not really, but it would be my luck)

Hope your nose gets un-sore!

Erin said...

wow, yeah, that story is beautiful. i was blown away!

Katie said...

That's quite possibly one of the best engagement stories I've ever heard, and I've heard quite a few. That guy has determination, what Dad wouldn't say yes?!

Thanks for the link.