Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Alright, Kiddos

Here's a fact. The three best songwriters I know of are (in no order):

Bob Dlyan,


and Mark Heard.

Any thoughts?


Katie said...

This is a loaded question. Good choices... I of course like the female types. Its very hard to choose but my first three thoughts (I reserve the right to change this!): Sarah MacLachlan, Mindy Smith, Natalie Merchant

hmmm...I think I'll listen to some now.

JD said...



eucharisto said...
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eucharisto said...

Though I like Heard's writing, I'd replace him with Rich Mullins (based on the album, 'A Liturgy, A Legacy, And A Ragamuffin Band'). I'd leave Mr. Paul Hewson in (who can deny his genius?), and would replace Dylan with someone like Peter Gabriel (more for personal preference than cultural).

penny lane said...

o.k, first Bob Dylan? Ewwwww... What Is Up with Bob Dylan "Aaaah!"

Queen of Arts and England said...

Yeah for Bono! E.'s right, I can't deny his genius!

Brewster said...

I'll let you keep Dylan, but I gotta dump the rest. U2 (and I don't keep up with the band enough these days to determine which songs are strictly Bonos) are a fine band and have written some grand songs, but best of all time? I doubt it.

Instead I'd have to throw up Lennon/McCartney of the obscure pop group called the Beatles and Hunter/Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Lyrically I've never been all that moved by the Beatle, but they could craft a pop tune like no other.

Robert Hunter has written some of the meatiest lyrics this side of dylan. And for my money Jerry Garcia crafts a tune on par with the Beatles.

Not exactly mind blowing choices, I know. But, we're talking about the greatest here, so its hard to go after something more obscure. Though for honorable mention I'll take John Prine, Lyle Lovett, and Townes Van zandt.

Foolish Knight said...

Wow, looks like you guys have given me plenty of homework to do! I'm sticking with my original choices for now but I look forward to getting to know the fellows you guys brought up.

Katie said...

Brewster is definitely on to something with Lyle Lovett. Good choice! If we were having a Private conversation I'd tell you that there ain't no bears in Arkansas. And if I had a boat we could go out on the ocean... :-)

juarz- my latino alter ego.

midnitcafe said...

Katie, you have made yourself a life long friend.

Lyle is lovely indeed. I have an absolutely marvelous crisp copy of a live concert he did back a few years ago. It has absolutely lovely versions of all your favorite songs. Be nice, and I might send you a copy some day.

Oh, and this is Brewster, otherwise known around here as midnitcafe. Brewster is my alt-ego for another blog I write with some friends to discuss God, politics, and everything under the sun. So sorry for any confusion that causes.