Monday, September 12, 2005


BlogPriest: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to acknowledge that the Foolish Knight received a full dozen wonderful, encouraging and affirming letters during his time at camp.

BlogCongregation: Huzza!

BlogPriest: But hold your rejoicing! For the Foolish Knight has shamefacedly admitted to me in the BlogConfessional that he sent only ONE letter from camp!

BlogCongregation: Gasp!

BlogPriest: He asks me to convey that he is very sorry for his inaction and holds those who have been slighted dearer than they can imagine.

BlogCongregation: Hmpf!

BlogPriest: He asks that the offended parties extend their seemingly unending patience a wee bit longer for he has to write graduation Thank Yous.

BlogCongregation: Villain! Vile Wretch! Unloving, Pigsnouted, Putrid Mass!

BlogPriest (taken aback): Hang on now...


The Foolish Knight (who has been hiding in the BlogConfessional, thinks quietly to himself): Hmm. Perhaps I'd better get writing...

Can the Foolish Knight convince his friends that he still loves them? Will he finish his various writing tasks in time? Will the BlogCongregation find the Foolish Knight? And if they do, will they have mercy or will they turn this into the Foolish Knight's LAST POST?



Queen of Arts and England said...

How delightful! {That is, the post, with the Priest and such, not the part aboot you dying and such.} What does huzza mean? Is it like a Medieval 'hooray!'? I'll distract the blog congregation, and you run for it!

Oh, and have fun with the Graduation thank yous. I feel your pain!

Foolish Knight's Inner Native American said...

Thank you Queen; your new name is "Pain Feeler". UG.

some0girl said...

you are the SECOND person tonight to make me laugh out loud! and you didn't even do it on purpose... ;)

Foolish Knight said...

I aim to please!

penny lane said...

yeah, your sister retured both of my letters..... but you? nooooo.... but that's alright I wouldn't write me back either... especially if I was as busy as you were during camp ... I'm just glad you answer phone calls.........some times!

penny lane said...

especially considering I can't spell....gosh! (returned) gosh!

midnitcafe said...

Ah camp letters. I used to have a few boxes filled up with those. Sadly, years back I tossed them out due to spacial issues in that particular flat.

Now I wish I hadn't.