Tuesday, March 01, 2005


February is over folks and I'm back. I think it's about time to shake things up in Blogland, but first let's recap my first full month in the most beautiful state on earth:

The question is, did I accomplish the goals that I set forth at the beginning of February? Well, I have gotten readjusted school-wise am making progress. I have a routine now (loosely speaking) and a special nook in which I can do my school (very important). So that's good.

About the unpacking of boxes and settling in, we're certainly getting there but this has been an unusual moving experience. Usually when we first move somewhere (how many people can use that phrase?) we either don't know anyone or know very few people there. Here, on the other hand, we have both friends and family in abundance keeping us quite busy: the first week we were here we went on a weekend youth retreat, I have been to three family reunions (of sorts) in the past few weeks (a trip to the hospital, a memorial service and a birthday), also I helped spearhead a movie-making project for a special "Guys Honor Girls" event at the youth group here, we only had about a week to make this movie and not only did it have sound (!) but also turned out to be the longest movie I've ever made (clocking in at about seventeen minutes) so that was a stressful experience for me, though it paid off in the end, the girls being honored and all.

What's more is, because we live next door to the church here, we have about 500 neighbors on Sunday and half that many on Wednesday, so it seems like we always have a visitor or two popping in at the house.

All this to say that settling in somehow seems to gotten lost in the shuffle.

So what about the expanding of posts? I've time for little more than constructing the coolest sidebar in the world (please see above paragraph for explanation).

The verdict? The brake was much needed, though for unexpected reasons. So thanks for letting me take one.

I have also absorbed several significant works of art in the past month, but more on that later. Right now it's time for:


I present for the enjoyment and stimulation of the mind and heart, my PHOTOBLOG:


Want to impress your friends? Download these magnificent pictures to your computer and put them as your wallpaper, when they ask where you got your rocking cool wallpaper tell 'em the pictures are yours! Will leave impression every time, I guarantee it!


Well, whatever you do, enjoy.


CowPrincess said...

Well Foolish Knight, I do agree that this is a Beautiful state. Why do i say "this state"? Because I am now visiting Oergon for the next 5 Months. I am also thinking about moving here! Well I will let you go....Nice to have you back on!


Queen of Arts and England said...

Ello! Hey, I just re-noticed your title thing.So, in your quest for "the good, the true, and the beautiful" what have you found? Sounds kinda Bohemian. Good to have you back, though as you can see, I thoroughly neglect my blog!

midnitcafe said...

Welcome back.

tessie said...
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Princess of Mirkwood said...

It's great to have you back, Sir Knight!!

penny lane said...

o.k, so I can't spell. what else is new (o.r.e.g.o.n) is that right ? anyways ... Oh, my goodness I'm soo happy to have you back in our midst ...oh, and by the way it took me forever to figure out what "fie" was ,but I get it now .. you know me, if it's not spelled like it sounds i can't read ... oh, well It's good to have you back ... I've missed you

eucharisto said...

Welcome back, good to see new posts coming. Also, cool photo blog!