Saturday, November 06, 2004

Installment Eight...

“And I walked forward over that holy turf with a good and glad heart. But all the golden rams came at me. They drew closer to one another as their onrush brought them closer to me, till it was a solid wall of living gold. And with terrible force their curled horns struck me and knocked me flat and their hoofs trampled me. They were not doing it in anger. They rushed over me in their joy--perhaps they did not see me--certainly I was nothing in their minds. I understood it well. They butted and trampled me because their gladness led them on; the Divine Nature wounds and perhaps destroys us merely by being what it is. We call it the wrath of the gods; as if the great cataract in Phars were angry with every fly it sweeps down in its green thunder.”

-C. S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces


eucharisto said...

Wow. I remember that part. I love that book, I need to "read" it again. Oh, and by the way, I always wonder where you find such fabulous quotes. I keep trying, but yours are just so good! Oh well. By the way for the second time, if you want to find out how I did that trick, go to I'm gonna post some early clips of my up and coming album on the web, so keep an eye out.

Foolish Knight said...

Thanks for the compliment Joel, this quote has influenced my view of holiness and the Judgment of God more than any other quote from literature. As for finding a good quote usually it's ether a matter being vigilant and having a pad of paper and a pencil handy while reading or in some cases (like this one) the passage gets caught in my mind and stays with me while I go through my day for one reason or another. In other words either you find the quote or it finds you!

As far as hearing your songs goes, I can’t wait!