Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Grateful Tuesdays 3.5.14

Things I'm grateful for: The mysterious, good energy on set yesterday. The fact that I was on a set yesterday. That I still have a job at that one place. For the rain. For the comfort I find there. For how often this computer works. For the size of my house. For a place called "my house." For taking me up on the whole "acculturating my exodus from adolescence" thing. Darn you. Amen.

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M. D. Goggans said...

Hi Foolish Knight,

I confess I'm curious as to who you are, because I accidentally came across my old blog ( and found a comment or two from you on there, and your screen name is familiar to me. It's driving me crazy that I can't place it.

I don't blog there anymore, and really I don't blog much at all these days, but it's nice to see someone who was on back when I was is still blogging in 2014.