Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Picasso had his "blue" stage...

When people look back at the stage of filmmaking I'm in right now, they'll have a name for it. I'm not sure what the name will be, but it'll be something close to "the bizarrely-weird stage: The stage where Andrew Price just went completely nuts and made the strangest films he's ever made." Seriously folks. I'll link to them soon on YouTube, but over the past couple of months or so I've made my strangest films ever. Everything I touch these days seems turns to weirdness.

I'm going to blame two factors here: my experimental video production class and high school boys. The first has got me in an almost 'throwing all rules out' mode and the second is actual, real reason that two of my more recent projects are weird. I don't think of ideas by myself like Darth Vader in a grudge-settling dance off with a terrorist. I do like bringing them to life, though.

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