Thursday, July 16, 2009

For a Week

“What a beautiful God, what a beautiful God, what a beautiful God there must be…”

Dear Heavenly Father, friend,

Thank you for a week.

Thank you for a week for friends. For getting to live together and spend time with each other and of bearing one another’s burdens. Thank you for a week of dishes and breakfast and walks and dinner. Thank you for trees climbed, water played in and for the little frog by the lake.

Thank you for teaching. And for telling stories. Thank you for getting to look at little kid’s faces and watching the synapsis fire.

Thank you for companionship. A roomful of guys and of conversation. Thank you for the ceiling fan in that room. Thank you for the open window and that the weather was never too hot.

Thank you for the people. Thank you for the people who shared meals. Thank you for the conversations with them and for the day-after-dayness of their faithfulness. Thank you for the balloon on the floor.

Thank you God for the door at the corner of the gym and seeing the kids play there. Thank you for the kids in front of me, on the floor, listening. Thank you that it was part of my job to make silly voices for a week.

Thank you for the couches. For sitting around and reading. For sitting and writing, and watching. For sharing. Thank you for the music, the house full of music. Thank you for the nice neighbor to the left.

Thank you for that little dog. That little smelly dog and for getting to feed him.

Thank you for the stake. And the girls who gave. Our sisters, friends, princesses for the week. Thank you for the drive there and back. That we didn’t die and that we had good conversation. Thank you for getting to sing to Elijah through the radio.

Thank you, God for the rocks and for the throwing of them into the lake. Thank you for the clouds over the lake and the thunder and the lighting. Thank you for the friends hugging and getting so excited by the storm.

Thank you for tiredness and late-night talks. Thank you that we really talked.

Thank you for the floors and the odd brooms and getting to use the blocks for decoration. Thank you that I got to read the book.

Thank you for the bed, and blankets. And for Chris Johnson stealing them each night.

Thank you for community.

Thank you for food.

Thank you for eating over the river. And the odd fish. And the stories.

Dear Heavenly Father, you are the giver of all good gifts. These and a thousand more.

Friendship with seven beautiful people is too much goodness in this life, and it’s a good thing I’ll have new heart in heaven, because it couldn’t take the thousand there. And the eternity.

Thank you for a glimpse.

In Jesus’ Name,


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